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If there is a yellowish discharge with or without a smell it could be a yeast infection but the yellow usually indicated a infection or an STD like Clydimia or Gonnerhiea. I have never experienced any of that. It's just how you were made and chances are your mom's vagina is exactly the same. This has never bothered me until now because i am curios. Is something wrong with me? The vagina is about 7—9cm long, but it is very, very stretchy. Reach the fingers all the way back until you feel the cervix. Alex. Age: 21. I am sensual and elegant my name is CORALIE sexy very hot, my presentation is very discreet ( executive level ) Once you have me, together we will lust Inari. Age: 24. One of Dallas finest bbw here for everything that you need

10 Things You Never Knew About the Clitoris

Clitorectomy, which involves removing the entire clitoris, is long out of practice as is clitoral recession without reduction because it is associated with painful erections on stimulation. I really appreciate the input Sha, I'm just not convinced that's all Report this. I have tried natural Dead Sea salt in my baths but I don't think it does much other than make my skin feel soft. Norma, ten years when I was a hardcore Buddhist I would have argued that mindfulness practice has nothing to do with nothi9ngness, but there's a reason I now do needlework and knitting to calm my mind. A professional always wears gloves, no matter where the piercing is. If the gland is unusually large in size, then a reduction of the gland size may be indicated as well. Hi, a little while back, my friend sent me a link on masturbation. Some woman are even able to experience orgasm for the first time after getting an clit piercing! Data regarding short- and long-term complications is included in the recommendations of the IUGA to better assess the risk—benefit ratio of each procedure. Lifestyle changes, pelvic muscle exercises , vaginal pessary , surgery [1]. Even when its clean its quite acidic but on my woman we use watermelon lube then I go to town.

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Sex And The Juiced Chick!

I don't start my period until a few weeks I have never had a problem with my period changing up on me. For girls who have flaps above your vagina: I mean to have worms come out of your vagina you porbably would have to have more symptoms. Not sure what I am going to do with it. She said it could very well have grown there and sometimes after removing a hair from some place it may or may not grow back.

Why do people get their genitals pierced?


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