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I have been smoking marijuana for years now without allowing it to consume the better part of my life. While being placed in your VaJj it will keep the urine sample at a proper temperature. So I exited the bathroom after a total time of maybe 2 and a half to 3 minutes an acceptable amount of bathroom time, esp for girls and handed the man the the specimen cup with my fake urine sample. I will explain how it works. Synthetic urine has been made since the 19th Century, when a German chemist figured out how to create its major organic component, urea, in the lab. Foxy. Age: 25. Looking for fun with hot, sexy, naughty girl? am here to give a best service Khloe. Age: 30. Welcome to the world of LuxuriousTouch

Does Synthetic Urine Work for Lab Tests?

Fake urine kit vs dilution Should you spend you cash on fake urine for drug test purposes or a fake urine kit or just try to pass your urine test by diluting your pee? This could cause the temperature of the urine to lower while you wait or heat up if your own body temperature is rising due to nervousness or sweating. They are highly recommended just case the test gets delayed. Needless to say, I had my doubts even though every review I read said it worked. Blank man August 3, Hope this stuff works. Now my question is this…… if my urine is now clean my saliva also? Synthetic urine has to be the right temp, stored properly and a lot of labs are getting better at detecting it. I re took a CVS drug test a week ago and was negative again with a slight line. First of all, love your work MJ — very informative and your responses to comments are really reassuring. Providing a trained collector with a cold or hot sample will immediately flag you, and you will be forced to retest. The bottle has a digital thermometer that will record the temperature.

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Plan On Cheating On A Drug Test For Weed? Think Again, It’s Not Worth It. - The Weed Blog

But if the lab is like most others, you're home free. Your email address will not be published. You may think that you can just drink a bunch of water and fool the scientists, but they know what to look for. Synthetics pee will cool off much faster than the real stuff, so keep this in mind. Give us a call with your batch number and we can tell you the expiration date.

THC Test Basics


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